Meet Gyaan: The ultimate workspace for high-performance sales teams

One fundamental trait that separates average teams from high-performance ones is not just landing and winning the perfect deal—but being able to do it repeatedly. In my 20+ years of experience scaling go-to-market teams at Cisco, Zscaler, EMC, Dell, and Pure Storage, I've been fortunate to be at the forefront of B2B sales and experience the pains and bottlenecks of siloed tools. The gaps left from having disparted workspaces have made it difficult for teams to collaborate seamlessly throughout all stages of a deal, resulting in lower win rates, longer sales cycles, and diminished margins.

Over the past decade, organizations have started to realize that the art of selling is no longer enough to build scalable revenue streams; that the art of selling must be combined with science in order to produce results that can be replicated again and again. In any case, it’s clear that the way of sales is evolving. That's why today’s revenue teams must combine their CRM, sales plays, analytics, and productivity tools into one workspace where they can repeat their winning processes (at scale) to gain a competitive edge.

Tackling the gaps between siloed tools

So, how and why did we start Gyaan? It all began with witnessing and identifying the pain of front line sellers (AE, SE, BDR, SDR) at various sales and RevOp teams over the last several years. A pattern had emerged after looking at the current tools in their sales tech landscape—that most tools were designed solely for managers to police and monitor reps. While important, organizations still needed a way to empower their front line sellers with a centralized revenue collaboration workspace that’s both refreshingly simple and remarkably effective.

Gyaan’s fundamental belief is that sales is a team sport. The team encompasses everyone involved in creating customer delight—from sales reps and management to product teams and customer success. Like winning a game, it takes team collaboration to win a deal. The bigger the deal, the more focused, engaged, and collaborative your team should be.

The importance of a win room (aka, centralized revenue workspace)

You might be thinking, “This seems fairly simple, so why isn’t everyone doing it?” The answer to that question is simple: CRMs were not designed for modern B2B sales teams. Instead, CRMs were designed to be a system of record. In other words, a CRM isn't enough to win deals because they’re built for customer management, not team collaboration. 

It’s time to provide your sales team with a win room where they can focus, engage, and collaborate.

Our mission is to help sales teams bring together their people, processes, and tools to create a winning workflow. Gyaan supercharges your go-to-market teams with a future-proof workspace that helps prioritize opportunities and remove manual burdens through automation, task management, and AI-driven insights so they can focus on high-impact work to crush their quotas. By leveraging data-driven decision-making and putting your winning sales cadence in play, sales teams can gain the upper hand at every deal stage. 

Furthermore, our platform integrates with Salesforce and several other applications in the modern sales tech stack to form the ultimate workspace that does everything a CRM is missing:

  • Collaboration: Bring together the right people, processes, and tools to build a win room where your team wins deals repeatedly
  • Actions: Your reps will wake up with action items, so they know exactly what to do and when (while you gain visibility)
  • Data-driven insights: Your team will leverage analytics and competitive intelligence at each deal stage
  • Flexibility: Since every team works differently, Gyaan lets you integrate your tech stack and processes to create custom, scalable workflows (so you can lead with confidence)

What’s next in the B2B sales industry

It's no surprise that the state of the industry and today’s sales tech stack will only continue to evolve. And that’s exactly what has made it possible for platforms like Gyaan to come to life. 

I want to thank our incredible team for all that you do and for supporting Gyaan’s mission to empower every revenue team with a repeatable, winning sales strategy and crush deals faster. We are paving the new way for what’s next in modern B2B sales, and this wouldn’t be possible without you all.

In 2023, we look forward to helping more organizations build stronger, high-performing sales teams that are killing the game—again and again. If you’d like to see Gyaan in action, we’d love to help you get started.

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