Introducing Gyaan’s New Frontend Architect, Rachit Solanki

I’m thrilled to introduce Gyaan’s new Frontend Architect, Rachit Solanki! Rachit joins us with multiple years of experience in building SaaS applications. With deep expertise in Javascript, React, and  other Frontend tools, Rachit will play a key role as we continue to refine the Gyaan workspace.

In the months ahead, I’m eager to see all the amazing accomplishments that Rachit and his team will achieve. Read on to hear from Rachit himself about his background and why he chose to join Gyaan’s mission of building the new era for revenue productivity.

Why did you decide to join Gyaan?

I've always been fascinated by the way humans interact with technology. There’s nothing I enjoy more than learning, exploring, and building systems that help enhance the performance and efficiency of everyday tasks, and Gyaan is just the place to do that. 

Working in an early-stage startup allows me to explore a horizontal work scope—wearing multiple hats and being a part of various initiatives—from interacting with users to understand their experience to leveraging the right tools and strategies to derive and track helpful metrics, and many, many more. 

I aim to make an impact and enable my team to continue iterating on and refining the Gyaan workspace to become even more intelligent, smart, savvy, and easy to use and adopt into existing workflows.

Overall, I find great satisfaction and fulfillment in helping others solve challenging, complex problems—to fully account for how the end user will incorporate this solution into their processes, communications, collaboration, and delivery to craft the ultimate solution.

Can you give us a quick overview of your background prior to Gyaan?

Prior to Gyaan, I spent the last eight years developing Saas applications. I’ve always admired the Javascript ecosystem and I started my career interning at a couple of early-stage startups before going on to work with multinational corporations, building web and mobile applications into fintech, sales, and governance ecosystems.

Through my experiences in architecting, designing, and building SaaS applications, I have cultivated a robust understanding of developing applications, usability patterns, and communicating with tech and non-tech audiences.  

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2023 as Gyaan’s new Software Architect?

I am a big believer in the “Keep it simple, stupid” (KISS) philosophy. As Gyaan’s Software Architect (UI/UX), I’ll be responsible for ensuring we can build a system that aligns with our philosophy and, at the same time, is highly scalable, customizable, and modularized to accommodate new features that come our way—building a strong UI framework as well as a component and design system that will enable us to seamlessly roll out new features as we continue to grow.

So, to that end, my goals for the company include the following:

  • Establishing a strong UI framework
  • Improving the Performance, Stability, and user experience of the platform
  • Implementing UI component library and design system
  • Building and improving Product adoption of core features and tenant based onboarding to improve Product adoption

What is a fun fact about you?

Sports and traveling!!

I am very passionate about sports. It is something that helps me to stay focused, channel my energy in one direction, and pushes me to improve daily. I make sure I spend some amount of time daily playing a sport—some of my favorites include table tennis, cricket, badminton, football, and volleyball.

Not to be forgotten, I love traveling and being close to nature. I would love to one day swim in the lake, hike in the mountains and surf with the ocean waves (I don't know how to surf, but someday!)

P.S. — Cooking is a secret love affair <3

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